OASIS immersion and COVID-19

When we will be able to visit the OASIS immersion exhibit?

The exhibit Inspirations of  OASIS immersion will be open to visitors on February 25, 2021! Opening hours are from 10:00am to 7:00 pm. The last entrace is at 5:40pm in order to give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the exhibition. You can purchase your tickets now on Ticketpro.ca.

Is the OASIS immersion exhibition safe?

Yes, the OASIS immersion walk-through and contactless immersive exhibition is safe. Our visitors are welcomed in space of 2,000 m2 (over 21,500 ft2) with a legal capacity of 1,032 people (without social distancing). OASIS immersion allows for a limited number of visitors every 20 minutes, which ensures that visitors have plenty of room to roam around and to exercise physical distancing with one another, as stipulated by health authorities.

What sanitary measures have been implemented on site relative to COVID-19

OASIS immersion has conformed to the industry’s best practices and government standards, as well as to the Palais des congrès’s own. Additionally, we have implemented the following measures to safeguard our visitor’s safety :

  • A contactless experience
  • Online ticketing only
  • Payment by Interac or credit cards only
  • Mandatory mask
  • Multiple stands where visitors can disinfect their hands, if need be
  • Floor markings in each gallery to facilitate physical distancing
  • Markings to facilitate the flow of visitors along the exhibition pathway
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of benches
  • Cleaning and disinfection of tables and chairs in the cafe/lounge area after each use
  • Limited number of tables in use at any given time in the cafe/lounge area
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of entrance and exit areas
  • Service personnel in each of the galleries

Must I wear a mask?

Yes, you must wear a mask at all times upon entry on site, as stipulated by health authorities in public venues. Although we can provide you with a mask at no cost, we strongly recommend that you bring your own. In fact, a mask is also mandatory to enter into Palais des congrès.

Do you have other instructions relative to COVID-19?

Anyone who has been in contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19, or who is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, is urged to refrain from coming to the site. As well, anyone who has recently travelled outside Canada must place themselves in quarantine for 14 days immediately upon their return to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Management reserves the right to refuse access to any visitor who defies any of the health and safety measures put in place.

My tickets

Can I buy tickets now?

You can purchase your tickets now on Ticketpro.ca.

Where can I buy tickets?

OASIS immersion tickets are sold exclusively online via Ticketpro.ca. Tickets are not available on site.

There are no tickets that match the arrival time that is most convenient to me. What are my options?

There are new starts to the exhibition every 20 minutes. We recommend you check for availability before or after your desired time.

Who can benefit from the student rate?

All students with a valid student card with photo can benefit from the reduced student entrance rate.

Scheduling my visit

What are your opening hours?

OASIS immersion is open from 10:00am to 7:00pm, Monday through Sunday. The last visit starts at 5:40pm to allow the visitors to enjoy their expericence.

Why must we buy a ticket at a specific time slot?

We want all our visitors to have the best possible experience. By timing the arrival of our visitors to our venue, we are able to manage the flow of visitors at all times.

How much time should we plan for the entire visit?

Plan for approximately 75 minutes in order to fully appreciate the OASIS immersion experience.

What is the latest time one can arrive on the site of the exhibition?

The latest scheduled time to visit the exhibition is one hour and twenty minutes prior to closing time.

Must we respect the time as confirmed on our ticket reservations?

To ensure an optimal experience, we kindly ask that you respect the time of your reservation, as shown on your online ticket. There are starts every 20 minutes.

Do the exhibits begin at fixed times?

No. Each of the three immersive presentations run their course in a continuous loop fashion which is why it is so important to respect the time of your reservations.

I am delayed and cannot make it to the site at the time, as indicated on my ticket. What are my options?

Whenever possible, we will do our very best to let you in upon your arrival or reschedule you at an alternative start time, that day.

Getting there

How do I get to the OASIS immersion site by public transport?

OASIS immersion is located inside Palais des congrès de Montréal, which is accessible by metro. Get off at the Place d’Armes metro station, which is on the orange line. Buses 55 and 129 will also get you to Palais des congrès.

Are there bicycle parking facilities near the OASIS immersion site?

Yes. There are bicycle parking lots all around Palais des congrès de Montréal. There is also a BIXI stand in front of the site at place Jean-Paul-Riopelle.

Where can we park our car?

Visitors can park at the Quartier International located at 249 Saint-Antoine Street West, Montreal, Quebec, H2Z 1H5. Additionally, within a 500-metre radius of the Palais des congrès, there are more than 5,000 parking spaces. There are also charging stations for electric vehicles near the site.

I am wheelchair-bound. Does the site provide wheelchair accessibility?

Yes. OASIS immersion is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Located on  by way of the ground floor of Palais des congrès de Montréal, near the South-West entrance (corner of Saint-Antoine Street and place Jean-Paul-Riopelle).  The flow of visitors from one gallery to the next is well managed and applicable norms and standards are respected.

My visit

Is there a coat room on the premises?

Unfortunately, due to sanitary reasons, the coatroom is currently closed.

Can I visit the exhibition with a stroller?

Yes, it is possible to experience the OASIS immersion exhibition as a family, including with a stroller in hand.

Are animals accepted on the premises?

No. For security reasons, animals are not admitted on the site.

Is there a restaurant on the premises?

The OASIS immersion exhibition includes a cafe/lounge area, but due to sanitary reasons, the cafe/lounge remains closed.

Is there a gift shop on the premises?

Yes. Our gift shop is located on the premises and features select items inspired by our exhibitions and by our very own OASIS immersion brand. The majority of these items come from our Quebec partners

Can we access the café/lounge area without entry into the OASIS immersion exhibition?

No. The cafe/lounge area is reserved exclusively for those who visit our exhibition.

Do you accept cash at the cafe/lounge and at the gift shop?

Since we advocate a contactless experience on our premises, we only accept Interac and credit card payments.