An Assumed Optimism

OASIS immersion is a sort of immersive magazine where spirited minds come to refuel and escape the routine of everyday life.
There, visitors find fresh new ideas and inspiring works.
It’s a place
to rethink society and its foundations through the prism of optimism.
The mood is
upbeat, energizing and inspiring, one that calls to action. Light and movement
are at the heart of the experience and this is reflected in our logo.
The rays of the light spectrum criss-cross, reminiscent of the rich yet playful multi-sensorial
projections of light, sounds, colours and themes, while the esthetics of the logo draw on contrasts and refinement.

Our Key Collaborators

The OASIS immersion project was developed by Denys Lavigne and Nicolas Lassonde, in collaboration with Groupe Écorécréo.
It became a reality thanks to the support of a group of local investors, of Palais des congrès de Montréal
Ministère du tourisme du Québec, Investissement Québec, and Tourisme Montréal.
The OASIS immersion team is proud to contribute to the
Palais des congrès de Montréal’s new vision and renewed focus on innovation and creativity.

“We created OASIS immersion with the idea of harnessing the power of immersive audio and video experiences to provide a steadfast positive approach to life and to the world in which we live, here and now. A sort of invigorating tonic. We never imagined that this vision would become as relevant to our times. OASIS immersion is also a platform for the tremendous wealth of talent here in Quebec, from graphic designers to musicians, technicians to project managers, motion designers to 3D artists, producers and directors alike. These creative men and women are at the very core of OASIS immersion. And the journey has only just begun…”

Denys Lavigne

President, Executive Creative Director and Cofounder

“At the intersection of technology, arts, science and progress, the OASIS immersion experience is poised to become a new and significant trend in the world of entertainment. This exhibition is the first edition of a new kind of immersive magazine, featuring inspiring people, places and ideas that shape our times. Our objective is clear: we want to inspire you, to entertain you with purpose, and to engage all of your senses. Our ‘feel good’ editorial approach and positive vibes are unquestionably a part of our DNA. Welcome to OASIS immersion!”

Nicolas Lassonde

Cofounder, VP Business Development and Executive Content Advisor

The OASIS immersion team

President, Executive Creative Director
and Cofounder

Denys Lavigne

COO, Executive Content Advisor and Cofounder
Nicolas Lassonde

Financial Director
Louis Guindon

Senior Producer
Julie Castonguay

Associate Producer, Events and Experiences
Marie-Chantale Lepage

Co-Creative Director
Johnny Ranger

Senior Multimedia Designer and Interactive Lead
Ruby-Maude Rioux

Technical Director
Darius Rabby

Audiovisual Technical Support
Baptiste Gagné



Technical Collaborators


Legal Counsel

LJT Lawyers, llp

Proofreaders and Translators

Espresso communication