Exploring the impact of immersive art on wellness and mental health

An innovative collaboration between Beneva, OASIS immersion and La Piscine

Discover Vitamine immersive, a collaboration exploring the emotional and cognitive impacts of immersive art, specifically in a context of stress and anxiety in the workplace. In the first exploratory phase, the study combined biometric data collection methods with participants’ declarative data. The white paper unveiled today presents initial learnings and more. It provides a perspective on international trends in the integration of immersive experiences into certain types of therapeutic treatments, as well as new innovative applications related to the labour market.

A word from Denys Lavigne, President and Co-founder, OASIS immersion

It is important to note that Vitamine immersive was conceived in the midst of the pandemic, at the invitation of La Piscine, which wanted to evaluate the contribution of the creative and cultural industries to economic, health and social issues. The project challenged us as citizens and digital creators, but also as initiators of a new space in Montreal’s cultural landscape. To better understand the impact of this emerging medium seemed like a unique opportunity to enrich our vision.

A word from Delphine Beauchamp, Executive Director, La Piscine

The first Vitamine immersive pilot study was born out of a collaborative impulse and initiated the emergence of an experimental dynamic. We are confident that next steps will allow us to discover more opportunities for development, research and sharing. Several interesting breakthroughs are being made on an international scale.

A word from Jean-François Chalifoux, President and CEO, Beneva

At Beneva, our mutualist values have always guided our social commitment. As mental health and well-being are of particular concern to us, we have chosen to focus on the prevention of anxiety and to support various initiatives in this field. Our collaboration with Vitamine immersive, a project that explores the impact of immersive art on issues of well-being and mental health, opens up an interesting avenue for managing and raising awareness of anxiety.

Un participant de Vitamine immersive