New Exhibit

A powerful, modern perspective on biodiversity

The program includes a sensory experience in the heart of nature, presented as never before, in a production designed to motivate visitors to take positive action in the face of major biodiversity issues. Root for Nature is intended to be a moment suspended in time, offering a moving spectacle that reminds us of the importance of preserving the magic of our beloved planet and reinforcing the will to meet COP15 commitments aimed at protecting 30% of all ecosystems by 2030.

The Root for Nature immersive experience brings together several organizations committed to conservation and sustainable development, including the United Nations, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Workshops for biodiversity , the Age of Union Environmental Alliance, the Palais des congrès de Montréal, Tourisme Montréal, WSP and National Geographic.

The Experience is produced and traveled by OASIS Immersive Studios in collaboration with National Geographic.

GALLERY 1: A world of regeneration

Conceived by Katerine Giguère in collaboration with Johnny Ranger, this first panel of the Root for Nature exhibition features striking images from National Geographic. It is an invitation to reconnect with nature, to immerse oneself in its splendor, its grandeur, and its rich diversity. This experience highlights the immense regenerative capacity of preserved ecosystems and celebrates the quiet power present in all species and microorganisms, affirming the vitality of our living world.

Root For Nature Blue Magenta
Root For Nature Bird

GALLERY 2: We are all connected

Here, digital art and science come together to illustrate a fundamental principle: the interconnected ecological and human worlds. Using sophisticated generative digital creation techniques, visual artist Alex Le Guillou’s experience invites visitors to explore how every element of nature, from tiny

organic cells to vast root networks, is connected in a complex and vital dance. The power of nature’s interconnectedness is celebrated in this dreamlike poem. Through this experience, the beauty and fragility of these connections are revealed, and the importance of their protection is underscored. This immersion echoes the David Suzuki Foundation’s Declaration of Interdependence and encourages us to reflect on our role in preserving and strengthening these vital links.

Root For Nature Forest Floor
Root For Nature Map

GALLERY 3: Rising to the challenge

The final tableau of the Root for Nature exhibition is a living mosaic of nature’s resilience and human ingenuity. Directed by Émile Roy, this immersive work, enriched by fascinating encounters with David Suzuki, Joséphine Bacon, and others, illustrates how concerted efforts can transform our relationship with the Earth and reverse destructive cycles. This series of international initiatives demonstrates the power and possibilities of biological renewal through human cooperation, from the revival of ancient forests to the regeneration of coral reefs, bringing a message of hope. Spectacular, immersive images of some of the most beautiful places on Earth remind us that the Earth is trying to tell us to get involved.


We have taken a further step towards sustainability by opting for a bicycle courier service, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and promoting environmentally friendly delivery among our various collaborators.

For the Nature Vive exhibition, we have implemented several ecological initiatives aimed at minimizing our environmental footprint:

  • • Reuse and repair of scenic elements such as chairs and benches;
  • • Purchase of second-hand furniture;
  • • 3D printing using recycled plastic;
  • • Use of wood for the fabrication of certain scenic elements and workshops;
  • • Display primarily composed of pre-glued vinyl made from fiber, without PVC

For our OASIS immersion product line, we prioritize those manufactured in Quebec or Canada. This approach, by supporting our local economy, also contributes to reducing our carbon footprint by minimizing travel and thus greenhouse gas emissions.

During our special events, we collaborate with caterers who offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared primarily from local ingredients.

We also opt for the use of reusable or compostable utensils and tableware to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices.

Oasis Immersion - Rêver L’Asie - Gallery 3 - Visual 1
Oasis Immersion - Rêver L’Asie - Gallery 3 - Visual 2