« I do not live for myself but for the generations to come. »

Announcing a world premiere: OASIS immersion, Montreal creative studio Normal Studio and Canadian producer Paquin Entertainment Group present VAN GOGH – Distorsion, an immersive experience entirely designed in Montreal. Continuing the worldwide phenomenon resulting from the union of the immersive medium and the Dutch-born painter’s work, this new exhibit embodies all the emotion of this encounter by paying tribute to the quiet strength that transcends the art of Van Gogh.

VAN GOGH – Distorsion offers a luminous and contemporary journey through more than 225 paintings, drawings and sketches. This exhibit marks a parallel between the recognition of the artist, the posterity of his work and the perspective of a more humanist tomorrow as a legacy to future generations.

“Montreal’s new immersive Van Gogh exhibit is totally mesmerizing.”
MTL Blog

“You’ll be blown away by the dynamic floor, one of the world’s largest interactive surfaces.”
A Taste for Travel

“The wonderfully colourful world of Vincent Van Gogh has been brought to life at OASIS. Visitors can walk freely through animated renderings of classic works like Almond Blossoms, Starry Night, and many more.”
Daily Hive

Gallery 1: Van Gogh, in exploration mode

In this first stage, visitors are immersed in the creative universe of Van Gogh. Through rare drawings and sketches, we observe the evolution of his style and his sources of inspiration, with the special relationship he had with his brother as a backdrop, accompanied by an original contemporary soundtrack by Audio Z.

exposition immersive van gogh noir et blanc
exposition immersive van gogh citations artiste

Gallery 2: Van Gogh, multimedia artist

The tour continues with a special twist: imagining what Van Gogh could achieve with today’s creative tools, through presenting generative experiments inspired by recurring themes in his works: night, sun, flowers, colours, fields, nature, in minimalist symbiosis between visual and sound. The accompanying original sound design is also by Audio Z.

Van Gogh Speckled Blue
exposition immersive van gogh jeux de lumières

Gallery 3: Van Gogh, larger than life

We are lulled into the luminous and poetic universe of his greatest masterpieces. The dynamic floor, one of the largest interactive surfaces in the world, allows visitors to explore the room, magnifying and transforming the rich details of the artist’s works through their presence. Sound arrangements are by Jean-Sébastien Côté, in collaboration with Emerich Demangel.

Van Gogh Blue With White Glowing Orbs
exposition immersive van gogh aux rythmes des pas