A seven

Part Journey

OASIS immersion offers a new, permanent, all-immersive 2,000 m2 (over 21,500 ft2 ) museal space located on the ground floor of the Palais des congrès de Montréal. The site will be home to enthralling all-immersive exhibitions inspired by the people, the places and the trends that shape and galvanize our world, here and around the world.

State-of-the-Art Technology
and Best Immersive Practices

The OASIS immersion is an immersive experience pathway which has been modeled in accordance to
the world’s best practices in experiential media. Here are a few highlights of the technical aspects of the exhibition:


surround sound speakers


Laser projectors

2,000 m2

of projection surface


A LED lighting system featuring architectural
and ambiant installations









The OASIS immersion space features a contactless,
walk-through experience in seven parts:

  • The Anticipation Room :
    A welcoming sight and sound experience
  • The Portal (Gallery 1) :
    Introduction to the exhibition and to the world of OASIS immersion
  • The Teleporter (Gallery 2) :
    teleportations and discoveries from around the world,
    and beyond
  • The Panorama (Gallery 3) :
    The main event: playful, touching, insightful
    and inspiring
  • The OASIS Lounge :
    A place to chill to the sound of the latest beats
  • The Decompression Corridor :
    A last goodbye to your senses
  • Inpirations the Podcast :
    Available for free on your favourite platforms

Other important facts

Plan on at least 75 minutes for your tour of the exhibition.
OASIS immersion offers starting times every 20 minutes throughout the day.
We recommend that you arrive on site 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start, as indicated on your ticket.

Fees + Schedules