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A sensory journey that feels good

OASIS immersion proudly presents its new show, RECHARGER/Unwind, a stimulating yet soothing museum immersive ambulatory experience starring some of the biggest generative artists from here and abroad. Evolving over three stages – relaxation, stimulation and reconnection –RECHARGER/Unwind plunges visitors into a spectacularly fascinating aural and visual universe.

RECHARGER/Unwind is above all a sensory walk that feels good. It is also an opportunity to discover incredible digital artists who are elevating the language of the immersive experience. Their creative approach speaks to us, and stays with us a long time. It is with great delight that we invite you to come discover them.”

– Denys Lavigne, CEO, co-creative director and cofounder of OASIS immersion.

“These selected works offer the initiated and uninitiated alike an accessible foray into the realm of immersive generative art. Think of it as an access ramp to a rich community of independent creatives who develop and use modern digital technology to express how they see the world and also invite you to partake in that world. The subtext of the show is nevertheless to quietly subvert the cultural landscape and redefine the immersive exhibition by providing an alternative driven by unbridled imagination and the more cinematographic elements of the medium. Here, where states of being prevail, the narrative plays second fiddle to just allowing oneself to soak in the dynamic settings all around us and to feel the sights and sounds that impel them. With wellbeing as its theme, the show invites us on a journey with myriad trajectories inside this universe of local and international artists who have come together for the cause: to unwind so we may reconnect.”

– Louis-Philippe St-Arnault, Guest curator


The first immersive room plunges visitors into sensory territory focused on relaxation and letting go.


Adrien M & Claire B (France)

Created by Adrien M & Claire B, jointly with Olivier Mellano, for the Gaité Lyrique digital arts and music centre as part of the show Faire corps – Adrien M & Claire B, the contemplative Core is a synesthetic ballet of light and sound that renders the void palpable, “a hypnotic, symphonic energy, like a force that flows, intercedes, infuses blood from a distance.”


Ruban Mauve (Canada)

Migration is matter and substance morphing in perpetuity to create new settings. As shapes and spaces migrate, the work of art takes us into a universe that is constantly dismantling and reassembling. The process never stops. A moving piece of art, in every sense.


Sabrina Ratté (Canada)

Inspired by the writings of Donna J. Haraway, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Greg Egan, the work plunges us into a speculative future, where samples of then extinct plant species are preserved and displayed in a virtual archive room. Through editing and visual strategies, this archive room is sporadically transformed under the effect of interference caused by the memory emanating from the listed plants, revealing traces of a past that continues to haunt the place. Floralia is a simulation of ecosystems born from the fusion of technology and organic matter, where past and future coexist in a perpetual tension of the present.


The purpose of this room is to stimulate via a light and sound experience that is both gripping and inspiring.


Alex Le Guillou (France)

Horizon is an immersive audiovisual experience that explores how we perceive reality and what dreams and memories represent. Straddling both order and chaos, elementary particles in motion compose different images that intertwine and intermingle to form abstract scapes and natural phenomena inspired the sky and sea.


Yoshi Sodeoka (États-Unis)

Petals is an audio-reactive generative video made with Sodeoka’s unique video feedback technique. Music is composed by his frequent collaborator, a Brazilian music producer MYMK aka Bruno Sres. This piece is based on Sodeoka’s video work “Suntalk”, 2018, music also by MYMK.

oeuvre petal
oeuvre journey


Nohlab (Turquie)

JOURNEY is a 4 min. immersive audiovisual experience, telling the story of photons, primary elements of light, from the moment they approach the eye until the brain reconstructs them into perceivable forms. Initially presented at Atelier des lumières in Paris.


This room forms the cornerstone of the end experience the show aspires toward: delivering to visitors, who after having fully immersed themselves in relaxation and disconnected from the outside world, the uplifting experience of reconnecting with themselves, nature and social interaction.

New Land

Alex Le Guillou (France)

New Land, taken from the cycle Artificial Visions, is a contemplative work of audiovisual art that urges us to ponder our overall environment and how we perceive reality. It depicts nature in the form of an actual location, and then engages us in the process of analyzing it and reinterpreting it through the eyes of technology.

Recursive Reflections

Julius Horsthius (Pays-Bas)

Horsthuis uses math and infinite geometric patterns to create mind-bending films that take our imagination on a journey. In a fractal reality, Horsthuis is much like a director or photographer in which he is operating in a world that already exists and it is up to him to search for the right fractal angle.


Maotik (France)

Inspired by the natural phenomenon of the tides, FLOW is an immersive interactive installation that offers a sensory experience of poetic, playful and aesthetic principles of the rise and fall of sea levels. It invites visitors to plunge into the fascinating world of science through interactive immersion. Synchronized with the moon, the sea levels would change gradually and will create an environment that offers various degrees of immersion. The project will try to envelop the audience in a virtual universe abstract enough to allow daydreaming and free interpretation.

The Quiet Pond

Odaibe (Pologne)

The Quiet Pond is a metaphor of the comfort zone, one of the three psychic states that define our condition as humans (comfort zone, growth zone and panic zone). Most of the motivational coaches these days agree that you should leave your comfort zone. But is it always that simple? This is always an individual decision, and everyone should reflect on it in a contemplative atmosphere. The spatial presentation will provide an insight into primal instincts such as fear, or anxiety deeply rooted in our contact with nature and the ambition for the notorious human need for exploration that drives all progress.

Production Team

President, Executive Creative Director
and Co-Founder

Denys Lavigne

COO, Executive Content Advisor and Cofounder
Nicolas Lassonde

Co-Creative Director
Johnny Ranger

Executive Producer
Julie Castonguay

Senior Multimedia Designer and Interactive Lead
Ruby-Maude Rioux

Guest Curator
Louis-Philippe St-Arnault

Associate Producer, Events and Experiences
Marie-Chantale Lepage

Technical Director
Darius Rabby

Deputy Technical Director,
Content and Experiences

Jean-Pascal Dumoulin Comeau

Deputy Technical Director,
Infrastructure and Systems

Stéphane Bastien

Content Technician
Christine Ng

Scenographic Concepts
Louis-Philippe St-Arnault

Generative Artists
Adrien M & Claire B (France)
Alex Le Guillou (France)
Yoshi Sodeoka (États-Unis)
Julius Horsthius (Pays-Bas)
Maotik (France)
Nohlab (Turquie)
Odaibe (Pologne)
Ruban Mauve (Canada)
Sabrina Ratté (Canada)

Content Collaborators
(audio and video)

Alicia Hush
Charlie Leroy
Dexter Crowe
Johnny Ranger
Joseph Fiola
Raphaël D’Amours
Rafaelle Mackay
Ramya Memmi
Ruby-Maude Rioux

Emeric Demangel

Technical Consultants

Proofreaders and Translators
Espresso communication