Innovation and Inspiration,

Through the Lens of Quebec’s Creative Talent

For its premiere exhibition, the OASIS immersion team is extremely proud to present Inspirations,
an immersive experience that will transport you into worlds both inspiring and deeply moving. With its 105 laser projectors and 119 surround sound speakers, OASIS immersion promises to both enthrall and invigorate you, thanks to the contribution of local multimedia artists and musicians. Kindly note that some portion of the exhibition are only in French.

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In Pursuit
of One’s
Dreams with

David Saint-Jacques

Find out what inspired CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques to reach the International Space Station and participate in the 58/59 Mission over the course of 204 days. Relive the great moments of his mission and discover what animated him along his journey to space. The images and visual effects are so compelling, you’ll feel as though you were there with him.

A Halo Creation production, in collaboration with David Saint-Jacques, the Canadian Space Agency, Uberko and OASIS immersion.

Alexandra Stréliski’s

Follow the Music

Pianist and composer Alexandra Stréliski is at a high point in her musical career these days, hailed by many for her talent, her capacity to enrapture and inspire. Accompanied by excerpts from her album Inscape, dive into a poetic immersive experience shaped by her own personal journey. In addition, discover the pianist in her rehearsal of the piece Plus Tôt, presented in 360 projections.

A Dpt. production, in collaboration with Alexandra Stréliski and OASIS immersion.

The New Architectural

of the World

In the last few years, fascinating buildings and venues have emerged worldwide. While their audacious design galvanize our imagination, it is their vision and environmental approach that command our attention. Let us dive into the fascinating world of visionary architects as Zaha Hadid. From Singapore to Bordeaux via Norway, China, South Africa and Iran, discover these architectural wonders of our times.

An OASIS immersion production, in collaboration with Uberko, Joe Fiola and architect Hatem Al Khafaji.

A Tribute to


Quebec’s creativity is recognized and admired here at home and the world over. Quebecers are innovators, and have made their mark in a wide range of sectors, including entertainment, multimedia and innovative technologies. In two playful visual and poetic allegories, OASIS immersion suggests an explanation to this success.

An Eltoro Studio production, in collaboration with Choses Sauvages, Sylvie Moreau and OASIS immersion.

High Praise

for Resilience
and Action

The year 2020 has seen its share of major upheavals, we think you’ll agree, but YouTuber and millennial Émile Roy sees hope in these challenging times. In a unique immersive experience, he shares his perspective about the current state of our world and how the only solution may reside in resilience and action.

An Émile Roy production, in collaboration with Ictus Audio, Stefan Verna, Jesse Freeston, David-Étienne Durivage and OASIS immersion.

Comfort and


Hygge, inspired by the Danish culture, is considered a way of life, much akin to a philosophy of life, a sort of ritualistic optimism that one cultivates on a daily basis. Its principles bring us back to essentials, to those little things in life that seem to nurture our soul. A zen moment to savour.

An Eltoro Studio production in collaboration with OASIS immersion. Also amongst the collaborators of the Hygge contents: Meik Wiking, Nils Fluck, Anita Bombita and Yoktown’s.

Production Team

Executive Creative Director
and Co-Founder

Denys Lavigne

Executive Content Advisor
and Co-Founder

Nicolas Lassonde

Co-Creative Director
Johnny Ranger

Julie Castonguay

Project Manager
Catherine Berteau Lacoursière

Technical Director
Rémus Blais

Assistant Technical Director
Darius Rabby

Creative Technologist
Jean-Pascal Dumoulin Comeau

Content Advisor
Phil Lenger

Content Collaborators
Alexandra Stréliski
David Saint-Jacques
Émile Roy
David-Étienne Durivage
Manuel Chantre
Yannick Doucet

Josselin Bey
Joe Fiola
Stefano Gemmallaro
André-Paul Therrien
Sylvie Moreau
Fred Tretout
Stefan Verna
Jesse Freeston

Léa Stréliski
Marie Carpentier
Hatem Al Khfaji
Patrice Roy
Dominic Champagne
Meik Wiking
Mark Ó Fearghaíl

Collaborators, agencies
Eltoro Studio
Halo Création
Émile Roy

Sara Hébert

Proofreader and translator
Marie Bolduc
Luc Bouchard