For an enjoyable and safe OASIS immersion experience

OASIS immersion is a no-contact, museum-like walk-through experiential journey.
In order to ensure that every visitor feels safe and comfortable, we have put in place measures in line with governmental norms, as well as with the Palais des congrès de Montréal
own PROGRESS standards, which stands for Palais Reopening operating Guide to Running Events with Safety Standards

A secure, safe greeting

A contactless

A considerate approach
to communicating
the protocols

Event spaces housing
the highest standards
of cleanliness

New turnkey
formulas for
event rooms

Food and beverage

Here are some of the highlights of these measures put in place for our visitors :

  • Ticket sales with fixed times are available exclusively via the OASIS immersion website and the TicketPro website
  • Each visitor must conform to the following guidelines :
  • Respect the two-metre social distancing between people except if from the same household
  • Disinfect one’s hands before entering the site of the exhibition. Disinfection stations have been put in place in the hall of every Palais des congrès entrances, as well as halfway through and at the end of the OASIS immersion experiential exhibition
  • All visitors 6 years and older must wear a face mask at all times (3-5 years face covering highly recommended)
  • Floor markings help visitors maintain the two-metre social distancing rule in place
  • Floor markings also help regulate the flow of visitors along a one-way path
  • All OASIS immersion personnel wears a face mask, as well as an eye shield
  • OASIS immersion personnel are stationed all along the immersive exhibition to answer any questions that visitors might have
  • Every visitor is required to answer COVID-19-related questions, when asked, and anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms will not be admitted to the site
  • Visitors will be asked to present the bar code of their ticket to personnel in an effort to avoid ticket manipulation
  • The furniture, as well as all frequently touched surfaces, are cleaned on an on-going basis with D-GERM 5, as per cleaning and disinfection procedures for high contact surfaces
  • Service in the coffee lounge is currently closed due to sanitary reasons